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Easy Thanksgiving wine recommendations 2017

The trick with Thanksgiving dinner is the wide range of flavors and tastes. You'll have turkey or ham, savory side dishes, lots of cooking spices and tons of flavor.

That's too much for a super light or sweet wine like moscato to stand up to. It just can't compete. When the wine has too little flavor compared to the food, you'll only taste the alcohol, without getting any flavor with it. Suddenly your favorite light and tasty moscato will taste blah, barely there.

Moscato is a social wine. Serve it before dinner while everyone is gathering.

During dinner, bring out a lighter red, like a pinot noir, that nearly everyone can enjoy and that can also stand up next to the flavor onslaught of Thanksgiving dinner.

Good pinot noir brand choices include Route Stock, Estancia, Cupcake, Little Penguin, and Naked Grape Project. If you'll have a houseful of folks, you might like the Corbett Canyon Pinot Noir, which is excellent and comes in a 3L box. That's 20 glasses of wine, or enough for about 10 people at dinner.

How many bottles of wine will you need for Thanksgiving Dinner? 

When planning how many bottle of wine for dinner, plan two glasses per person. Servings may be a little less than 5 oz at dinner, closer to 4 oz, so there is a little variance.

  • 4 people = 2 bottles of wine for dinner
  • 6 people = 2-3 bottles of wine for dinner
  • 8 people =  3-4 bottles of wine for dinner
  • 10 people = 4-5 bottles of wine for dinner
  • 12 people = 5 bottles of wine for dinner
  • 20 people = 8 bottles of wine for dinner

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