How many beers in a keg?

Kegs are funny things. That's a lot of beer, but how much is it really?

Kegs in the US usually come in the following sizes:

15.5 gallon keg:

  • Also called a "1/2 barrel" or a "full keg"
  • 165 servings of 12 oz each
  • 6.8 cases of beer (12 oz )
  • Weighs around 150 pounds full. Bring a friend. 

7.75 gallon keg:
  • Also called a "1/4 barrel" or a "pony keg"
  • 82 servings of 12 oz each
  • 3.4 cases of beer (12 oz )
  • Weighs about 90 pounds when full. 

5.17 gallon keg: 
  • Also called a "1/6 barrel." 
  • 56 servings of 12oz each
  • 2.3 cases of beer (12 oz)
  • Weighs about 60 pounds full. 

5 liter keg:
  • Also called a mini-keg. Frequently sold in pairs. Tap is usually built in or included.  
  • 14 servings of 12oz each 

Import kegs often are a "European barrel" that equals 13.2 US gallons.
50L (50 liter) keg: 
  • 140 servings of 12 oz each
  • 5.8 cases of beer (12 oz )
 To buy a keg from us, you will need to leave a deposit for the return of the keg and tap. We have or can get taps if you need them. You also need to bring your ID and come prepared to sign our register. That's a State of Oklahoma requirement. 

We special order kegs throughout the year. During the summer months, we may have a keg in stock. Call 580-327-0290 or email to check. 

How many glasses of wine in a wine bottle?

In order to figure out how many glasses of wine you get from a wine bottle or a box of wine it helps to know this:
  • standard wine serving = 5 oz
A regular wine glass could hold more than 5 oz, but you leave some room at the top for the delightful aroma of the wine. 

Here are some common wine bottle and box size with the number of wine glasses in them: 
  • 187 ml "mini" wine bottle (usually sold in 4 packs) = 6.3 oz, or just over one glass.
  • 375 ml "split" or "half" wine bottle = 12.7 oz, or two and a half glasses
  • 750 ml standard wine bottle = 25.4 oz, or five glasses
  • 1.5 liter wine "magnum" bottle = 50.8 oz, or ten glasses
  • 3 liter wine bottle or box = 101.6 oz, or 20 glasses
  • 4 liter wine bottle = 135 oz, or 27 glasses
  • 5 liter wine box = 169 oz, or 34 glasses
When planning how many bottle of wine for dinner, plan two glasses per person. Servings may be a little less than 5 oz at dinner, closer to 4 oz, so there is a little variance. 
  • 4 people = 2 bottles of wine for dinner
  • 6 people = 2-3 bottles of wine for dinner
  • 8 people =  3-4 bottles of wine for dinner
  • 10 people = 4-5 bottles of wine for dinner
  • 12 people = 5 bottles of wine for dinner
  • 20 people = 8 bottles of wine for dinner
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