Wines with a Latino touch

Hispanic Trending blog has a great story on Latino winemakers and the marketing of wines to Latinos. Here are a couple of points I thought you might find interesting.

"They are the most loyal customers any brand would want," according to Amelia Morán Ceja, president of Ceja Vineyards .

Part of her winery's appeal, she said, is its insistence on cutting through the elitism of the wine world.

"A lot of ethnic groups have never been invited by the wine industry," she said. "We demystify it. ... Allowing people to explore wines on their own terms is what all of us in the wine industry must do."
Latinos, many of whom have not traditionally been wine drinkers, represent a largely untapped market, said Sandra González, the founder of Vino con Vida, a wine education company focused on Latino consumers and culture.

"The wine industry is just starting to appreciate the Latino market, where other industries have recognized that for 20 years," she said.

Demystifying wines is a major goal for all wine sellers. While we have a few wine experts, mostly we are introducing a wide range of people to wines that are right for them. As Mom has said over and over, the key is to ask enough questions, and try to match the customer with a wine that they will enjoy.

So when you come in for a wine, don't be shy about asking and answering questions. We want to help you!
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