Wine Bags mean you can take it with you

Carry-on liquid restrictions have put a damper on the favorite method for bringing home a bottle of wine from travels. Putting wine in your checked luggage is just asking for trouble, unless you can pack it well and make it leak proof.

BottleWise wine bags are the new best way to pack bottles, safe enough to check through. It holds each bottle in a padded and leak proof pouch, and snaps two bottles together. Then stuff it in your checked bag. The separate cover makes it presentable as a messenger-style bag on its own, for gadding about town with wine in tow. When it's not in use, it can fold flat so it doesn't take up too much precious packing space.

Wine X Magazine did a review with some good details, but the site was down as of this moment. Suffice to say they tested it by throwing it out a second story window, and it survived nicely, thank you.
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