It's Spring--Think Pink !

As I have said before, Spring just makes a wine drinker "Think Pink." 30 Sec Wine Advisor thinks so, too.

"There's something about warmer weather than makes a glass of crisp, dry rosé wine seem just right.

Some wine enthusiasts are wary about rosé because they've been disappointed by mass-market "blush" wines, which tend to be soft, sweet and one-dimensional.

But a true dry rosé is another shade of pink entirely - crisp and fresh and very food-friendly - and well worth getting to know if you haven't already been introduced."

Here and here too, I have previously waxed poetic about the blushes--some of my favorite wines to drink!

In fact, I have been drinking bottle after bottle of Eye of Toad for over a week. And I have enjoyed every one--with everything from liver & onions to mac & beef to chicken fried venison & gravy to a really great salad to a nicely grilled rib eye & French fries. Yes, I truly love my job.
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