Wines for Thanksgiving Dinner 2015

What's a good wine for Thanksgiving turkey? Our advice is to keep it simple!

Our top choice for Thanksgiving 2015 is St. Michelle Gewurztraminer. It goes with all kinds of food and is easy for all the adults to enjoy. It has a nice spice flavor to it that works well with the spices at Thanksgiving. We've long been Gewurztraminer fans, and St. Michelle does this one very well.

If you want a different white, choose a Sauvignon Blanc or one of the newer white blends, like Cupcake Angel Food. Avoid most chardonnays as they are usually too bold, oak-y or tannic.

Our top reds for Thanksgiving 2015 are Bogle Petite Sirah and The Pinot Project Pinot Noir. The Bogle Petite Sirah is astoundingly dark red in the glass and has a concentrated flavor. But it's not overwhelming. It has some baking spice flavor that pairs very well with the spices in your Thanksgiving dinner. The Pinot Project Pinot Noir is a lighter red that's easy for even the non-wine fans to enjoy. It has enough flavor to stand up to the turkey or ham and all the trimmings.

Other good red wines include any of the pinot noirs or merlots.

Want to have fun picking your own wine? Here are three simple guidelines:

1. Serve just one white wine, or one red and one white wine. Keep it simple. This makes it easier for you and keeps guests from accidentally mixing two different wines.

 2. Serve wines that go with almost any food. Your dinner will have a huge range of flavors, from spicy, to rich, to everything in between. So you want medium-bodied wines with some fruit.

3. Serve your lighter favorites before dinner. Everyone loves a glass of bubbly Asti or moscato, but it won't taste very good with Thanksgiving dinner. It just can't compete. When the wine has too little flavor compared to the food, you'll only taste the alcohol, without getting any flavor with it. So serve your favorite moscato before dinner, then bring out a red like the Pinot Project for dinner.

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